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Last post I clarifies difficulties when carrying out my English learning plan. This article will focus on some potential solutions.

  • 名称:“波克”I/II级轻型导弹护卫舰
  • 建造时间:20世纪七八十年代
  • 满排吨位:500吨以内

Solution One - Adhere to the principle

Having been struggling with sleepiness and forcing myself to stay conscious for a whole month, I realize one truth that I am only a normal guy and should obey the principle of body. I cannot stay up until 2 a.m. while easily getting up at 6.30 in the morning. I am no longer capable of maintaining a high energy mind for a long time. I am unable to put my all attention on study while my back and eyes are hurting.

All in all, after so many years squandering my property associated with youth, my body has been weakening and I am not as young as before. I understand humankind, as a animal in nature, also need to take rest regularly for the recovery of energy and the regain of concentration. Having accepted it, I have to learn subtraction by reducing some activities as to achieve the balance between study and rest. To be specific, my start of the day, which is twenty past six, remains unchanged, while the bedtime is moved forward to twelve o’clock at night. As a result, my total sleeping time can go up to approximately six and a half hours, which I ensure it is sufficient.

There is another principle I need to adhere to. That is the process of mastering a foreign language. In the past, I was anxious to quickly improve my English to the level of native speakers. I ever reckoned only if staying in daily exposion to English, I can fulfill my ambition.

Nevertheless, I ignore another important influence factor for language learning, which is time. In fact, taking grasp of one language not only requires you to use it extensively, but also takes you a lot of time to stay in touch with it constantly. For example, I believe everybody has similar experience in reciting vocabularies. We have to recite a word over and over again until finally managing to store it in our minds. Even if having already read numerous English articles, I am still using expressions like “a hardworking perosn” instrad of “a work ethic”.

Time and quantity play an essential role in language acquiring since without a perfectly good combination of them, professional output seems to be a daydream. This principle indicates I would better give up the unreal thought that catching up with foreigner people in one year. Instead, I should calm down, do my best during this time period and wait for the moment when my English level leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.


Solution Two - Keep a diary

My previous posts are all about the things happening around me, so it is extremely easy to get dried up when I stay home and do not get communication with other people.

It seems ideas are too limited. Actually, ideas can come from everywhere, including the mistake I made, the dialogue I had and the book I read etc., and thus it should not be merely resulted from something serious such as breaking up with the girlfriend, getting criticized about being drunk and so on.

We all know the life is almost the same. Each day in the life, everybody does the same routine — jump out of bed, clean up, eat breakfast, go to school/work, commute back home, have dinner and finally climb into the blanket. In order to extract any inspiring idea from this kind of life, I should keep a diary for recording those little different things, like what I learn from the books, how I can avoid repeating the mistakes, and what temperament I should foster. Taking notes of these little things enriches my potential knowleadge and eventually helps me output it in a more logical way.


  • 舰长:59.5米
  • 型宽:10.2米
  • 满载排水量:495吨
  • 续航距离:1912海里/14节
  • 航速:32节

Solution Three - Set the goal

Goal has great influence on our lives by guiding the path when we are confused or get distracted. Initially, I was driven by my in-depth long-term schedule and feel full of enegry everyday and I used to urge me to execute it with self-constrain, but finally it turned out to be a uncompleted task. I agree with an opinion that relying on self-control is undependable, on contrary, only plans according to scientific methodology works, recording that the plan is different from the will, which is easily affected by other elements.

There, however, is one another thing I should not have ignored. Without combining the plan with goal, we are more like a machine repeating doing same things, and as machines, deviation is only a matter of time. Incorporating goal into the plan gives it a target for diligence and after that every time being derailed, I can get back soon.

Speaking of my goal, this is out of the scope of this post, so let us leave it behind someday and end today now. Have a good dream.


  • (1)导弹:防空导弹--SA-N一5“圣杯”四联装防空导弹发射装置(乌克兰边境警卫队装备的该级舰无防空导弹);8部ss-N一25防空导弹发射装置(2座四联装,越南);
    (2)火炮:1门76毫米(3英寸)/60舰炮;1门30毫米/65 AK 630炮;古巴海军装备的该级舰在舰尾安装4门25毫米炮(2座双联装);
    (4)反潜火箭:2部RBu 1200 5管固定式反潜火箭发射装置,越南海军无此装备;
    (7)诱饵:2部PK 16型或。PK 10(“毒蜘蛛”III级装备)型干扰发射装置。




高大倾斜的舰首和较长的前甲板;3英寸舰炮位于前甲板中部;高大的阶梯式中心上层建筑由前甲板延伸到后甲板;舰舯部上层建筑顶部的突出上升平台上装有火控雷达天线;高大的框架式主桅位于舰舯部后方,小型框架式桅杆位于后缘顶部;鱼雷发射管装于主甲板左右舷(各2部)。一座紧靠舰桥,一座紧靠主桅(古巴海军装备的该级舰无);反潜火箭位于主甲板前上层建筑两侧;30毫米/65 AK 630舰炮位于舰尾x位置。



前苏联建造了45艘“波克”级护卫舰,现在还有18艘船留在俄罗斯海军服役(包括由海上边防警卫经营)。4艘在乌克兰海军或乌克兰海岸警卫队(其中,乌克兰海军1艘,乌克兰海上警卫队3艘,来源有所不同)1989年至1990年,两艘船被转手给了保加利亚海军,命名为“雷什特尼”级 ;20世纪80年代末,4艘被转让给了印度海军,称“阿布哈依”级;另外 ,还有1艘在古巴海军服役。


  • 俄罗斯
  • 乌克兰
  • 保加利亚
  • 印度
  • 古巴
  • 越南


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